• It is surprising to know that out of world’s total 4 crore blind populations, one third reside in India alone. Corneal blindness accounts for 25% of total 1.5 crore blinds in our country. Infections, injuries, malnutrition, degenerations and dystrophies are important causes of corneal blindness. Cause may be any, but remedy is simple and that is corneal grafting.


    • India needs 2 lakh donor eyes per year to take care of corneal blinds in our country. We are able to collect 25,000 donor eyes per year. Even if 1% people of total deaths donate eyes we can get sufficient donor eyes.”


    • One eye donation can give sight to two corneal blind people with corneal diseases. Eye banks come under human organ transplantation act and are given registration only after inspection by competent authorities. Donated eyes cannot be brought or sold as it is crime under this act. Vishwanath eye bank is registered with Eye Bank association of India.


    • Vishwanath Eye Bank is a Cornea storage and Keratoplasty centre providing 24 hours enucleation services.


    • We aim at making awareness for eye donations through lectures, campaigns and promotions in various nearby areas in thane district.


Give somebody a brighter tomorrow…


One out of every 5 persons in India is blind due to corneal diseases. Cornea is the clear tissue in front of the eye similar to a watch glass. If cornea becomes cloudy from diseases, injury, infection or poor nutrition, vision is dramatically reduced or lost. Such patients can recover their vision if the defective cornea is replaced with good human cornea. Human cornea can only be produced through eye donation from after their death. It is distressing that almost 25 lakh of our country men, women, children are waiting for somebody to donate the eyes.

How & When to donate eyes

    • Eyes can be pledged during our lifetime but donated only after death


    • Vishwanath eye bank gives cards who intend to donate their eyes. After pledging please inform your family about your wish to donate eyes so that they can fulfill your wish.


    • Eyes can be donated even if the deceased had not formally pledged the eyes, during lifetime but the family wishes to do so.


    • Anyone can be donor, irrespective of age, sex, blood group , or religion


    • Having cataract or wearing glasses does not disqualify a person from donating eyes


    • Even persons with systemic diseases like diabetes and hypertension can donate eyes


    • Eyes can be removed at home of the deceased as well as in the hospital


Instructions to be followed after Death

    • Eyes have to be removed within 6 hours of death. After removal they are preserved for longer period using special media before a suitable recipient is found but generally they are used within 48 hours.


    • Contact Vishwanath Eye Bank immediately at Wavikar Eye Institute on Tel no. 39918399 or on our 24 hours dedicated helpline: 9833718555


    • Keep death certificate ready with cause of death.


    • Put off the fan or air conditioner in the room where the body is kept.


    • Keep the eyes closed and covered with wet cotton.


    • Keep the head of the body raised with a pillow.


The Procedure for removal of eyes is a quick and simple process, takes 15-20 mins and there is no disfigurement.

“And whenever your eyes shall rest, let someone else have all your colour and zest.”

Pledge your eyes with Vishwanath Eye Bank

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