Advanced Diagnostic Modalities


The cornea is the transparent Watch-glass-like structure in front of the eye.It has six layers as follows: Epithelium,Bowman’s membrane,Stroma, DUA’S MEMBRANE-NEW Layer discovered recently,Descemet’s membrane, Endothelium.
Cornea is the first refractive Surface through which light passes into the eye.Any abnormality in its shape/ structure or clarity can affect vision.
Cornea is prone to external injuries which can directly adversely affect the vision hence early and urgent intervention in corneal diseases is also of prime importance.

Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA)
It is indicated for Retinal disorder evaluation. It detects the leakage in the retinal blood vessels. A dye is injected intravenously which passes through retinal blood vessels and images are captured at intervals to determine retinal pathology.
A-B Scan Machine
This machine is based on ultrasound technology and used for calculation of IOL power by contact or emersion method. B scan is important to detect the presence of internal foreign bodies and also asses the entire internal structure of the eye.
Fundus Photo
This modality is useful in screening of Diabetic retinopathy and other age and hypertension-related retinal conditions
IOL Master
The IOL lens calculations are done in this method without touching the eye for cataract patient.
Visual Field Perimetry
Visual field defects, glaucoma screening, drug-related eye toxicity can be precisely noted by this test. Also known as Humphrey’s field test.
Optical Coherence Tomography
OCT captures even the smallest of the defect in retinal layers and is a useful diagnostic tool in various conditions like retinal detachment, macular hole, glaucoma affecting the retina
The topographer is used to determine the corneal curvature in high astigmatic patients, p=for progression of keratoconus, evaluation of pre and post-op corneal health.
This is done to evaluate the thickness of the cornea to determine the patient’s suitability for LASIK procedure.
Keratometry & PVAM
These are baseline tests done to evaluate the corneal curvature and understand the postoperative visual outcome.

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