A cataract is clouding of the natural lens of the eye.It is a senile process and mostly associated with advancing age and chronic metabolic conditions like diabetes.Alternatively,cataracts can also be a result of eye trauma.

The common symptoms are Blurred and diminished vision,Sensitivity to light,and a film-like feel in front of the eyes.

At Wavikar Eye institute the cataract service is made easy so that you can have the freedom to have a crystal clear vision post-surgery.Wavikar Eye Institute in thane is well known for advanced treatment in cataract surgery and provides for a wide range of options to choose from as per the patient’s liking.

No Injection – No Stitch – No Pad cataract Surgery

Our Prominent Features

WEI is one of the very few hospitals conducting surgeries under topical anesthesia with no need to give an anesthetic injection into the eye. Further adding to the benefit of stitchless surgery with 2.8 mm, we have devised our own technique of surgery through 1.7 mm incision yielding superior results known as‘Micro-coaxial Phaco’.

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LenSx Technology

Advanced Technologies & a Super Specialist Cataract Surgeon

LenSx-Laser refractive cataract is one such true Bladeless Technology which was introduced for the first time in ASIA by Wavikar eye Institute.

The first femtosecond laser cleared by USFDA for use in cataract surgery, it brings image-guided computer precision and true customization to give unparalleled safety and efficiency. The LenSx® Laser will lead to a new era in refractive cataract surgery.

Infinity™Phacoemulsification System with OZil™Technology

Wavikar Eye Institute was also the FIRST to bring the sophisticated Infinity™phaco system with OZil™technology to Thane City. This uses the innovative Torsional Phaco thereby bringing down the ultrasound energy spent in the eye by a significant amount. Not only does it increase the safety manifold, but it results in eyes with clearer vision and less inflammation right from day one after the surgery. Thousands of our happy patients, who have taken benefit of this technology since its introduction 3 years back, will vouch for the difference it has brought in their lives!

Cataract Treatment

Carl Zeiss Visu 210 Microscope - For Advanced Cataract Treatment

It is the latest and most advanced Model of microscope available only with a handful of surgeons. The unique features of this microscope include: Superlux™ Eye xenon illumination provides a white light that meets even the highest demands providing a bright, high-contrast image with natural color. Deep View, the new depth of field management system allowing you to choose between optimized depth perception or maximum light transmission.
Fully apochromatically corrected optics.
Bright Flex™ illumination System for a bright rich red reflex.
Safety for the retinal (macular) tissue.

Choice of Intraocular Lenses

Intraocular lenses (IOL) are devices that are implanted inside the eye at the time of cataract surgery. Their use has reduced the requirement of spectacles after cataract surgery and their safety has been established irrefutably over the last few decades. The technology has evolved tremendously in the last few years and given us some amazing IOLs which can give superb high-contrast vision after cataract surgery. Wavikar Eye Institute has a wide variety of Intra Ocular Lenses (IOLS) available to be implanted.

IOLs are generally categorized by:

e.g. PMMA, Silicone, Acrylic

Unifocal and Multifocal

Foldable and Rigid

Anterior chamber and Posterior chamber

Dr. Wavikar is an authority on “Premium” IOLs. These are high-end high-performance IOLs requiring special training and experience for users. He is currently among the highest users of Restor™ Multifocal IOL(which gives spectacle free vision at all distances) and Toric™IQ™IOL (which is used in patients with astigmatism) in India.

Dr. Wavikar was also the FIRST IN INDIA to implant Acrysof Restor Toric™ (ART) IOL.
Depending on patients requirements and doctor’s clinical judgment which lens is to be put is decided. At our center, we have precise diagnostic & measurement equipment for IOL calculation like Automated and Manual Keratometry, Topography & IOL Master.

Our Prominent Features ( Reputed Cartaract Surgeon in Thane - India )