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Contact Lenses are indicated for corrective measures in patients who are contraindicated for LASIK,are afraid of Surgery,and have a dislike for spectacles.
Our contact lens clinic provides for a wide range of brands of CLs to choose from based on comfort and pricing. Contact lenses for astigmatic powers are also available and made to specifications.A qualified optometrist guides and teaches the patient the careful use of contact lenses.
Specialty contact lenses are indicated for patients with corneal conditions like keratoconus,high cylindrical powers.The visual outcome for these pts is very encouraging.Various specialty lenses fitted at WEI are RGP lenses,Rose K,Scleral lenses,prosthetic lenses, etc


Low vision aids (LVA) are indicated for patients with a decreased vision which cannot be improved with spectacles and other treatment.However such patients who have some potential vision preserved to perform their daily activities are provided with specialized optical aids.These LVA’s act like magnifiers to enhance vision and make the patient independent.


Vision Therapy is indicated to relieve eye strain caused by overacting or underacting of eye muscles.It is also beneficial for treating amblyopia.After a detailed examination pts are guided by the ophthalmologist for routine eye exercises and progress is tracked for improvement.


Keeping in mind patient ease and requirement an optical outlet facility is made available within the premises. Prescribed spectacles are made in the most scientific manner with a customized approach.We also have a wide variety of optical & eyewear accessories to choose from.


The in-house pharmacy provides all kinds of medications. Home delivery services also available on request.

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