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In normal healthy eyes, tears are responsible for the smooth ocular surface which helps in clear vision. Every time a person blinks, the tear layer spreads over the eyes keeping them comfortable and moist. Tears also lubricate and clean eyes.


  1. Irritation, gritty, scratchy or burning sensation
  2. Foreign body sensation
  3. Intolerance to bright light
  4. Excessive watering
  5. Blurred vision
  6. Eye fatigue
  7. Pain
  8. Heaviness around the eyes


  • Excessive screen time: The most common cause of dry eyes is “excessive screen time” which includes computers, TV, mobile, tablets, and laptops. Human eyes are more suited to reading printed material.
  • Decreased blinking
  • Age: It gets more severe with age.
  • Gender: Females are more likely to develop dry eyes.
  • Lifestyle: Constant air conditioning climate and contact lenses are two major contributors to dry eye syndrome.
  • Others: Thyroid, arthritis, autoimmune diseases.
Dry Eye And Meibomian Management Clinic

DREAMM at Wavikar Eye Institute

Every invention comes with a plus and a minus side and so is the computer.Arguably the best invention in the last fifty years,the computer also brings some negative effects like orthopedic and eye problems.
Eye surgeons all over the world started recognizing eye-related issues in the last decade of the last century and there has been considerable research in diagnosing and treating this condition,called computer vision syndrome or Dry Eye.
Wavikar Eye Institute,always at the forefront of the latest developments,has been distrusting informative articles on this syndrome for the last 15 years.In the last five years,many of these tests and treatment options have been made available to patients.The bouquet of these diagnostic tests and treatment modalities is available under“DREAMM Clinic” at Wavikar Eye Institute.
Leading hardware and software companies in the world have devised many screen savers for their computers and laptops,but we have lagged behind in protecting the most precious screen of our vision and life,that is our eyes.

Tear Film & Mebomian Gland

It is situated along the upper and lower lid marginIt is responsible for secreting the lipid layer.Lipid component is important for reducing the evaporation of the tear film.
Mebomian gland dysfunction:
Leads to increase in evaporation of the tear film
Decrease of tear production leads to“aqueous deficiency dry eyes”
This leads to“evaporative dry eyes”.
The tear film is made up of three components:
Mucus component(innermost)
Aqueous(central and the main layer)
Lipid layer(outermost)
So tear film is like a sandwich,the central tear film being made to temporarily stick to the eye by mucous layer whereas the outer lipid layer delays its evaporation.Anything which affects any of these three layers will lead to dry eyes.


काॅंपुटर आणि मोबाइलचा वापर लाॅकडाउन मुळे वाढतच आहे. त्यामुळे डोळ्याना अपाय होऊ शकतो. डाॅ. चंद्रशेखर वावीकर, मेडिकल डायरेक्टर, वावीकर आय इन्स्टीट्यूट , या विषयात तद्न्य आहेत. ते अत्यंत सोप्या शब्दांत डोळ्यांची काळजी कशी घ्यायची हे विडीओ द्वारे समजावीत आहेत.

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