My Dream Thane 2030 Poster Design Competition

As Part of an Initiative by Thane Vaibhav and KYT a painting competition is floated for the citizens of Thane to express their creative ideas about their vision of Thane in 2030 through a poster design.

The idea is to express the wishes and desires about How Thane shall be or will be by the year 2030. The thoughts shall be freely expressed. This compilation of individual thoughts and ideas can be a very good collection to ponder upon and understand the directions in which people want their city to grow. This will also be interesting to know what the artistic minds of the city visualise Thane in future.

The competition shall be held in two categories and there will be prizes for the winning posters. The prizes shall be declared in an event on 9th and 10th December 2030

Thane vision 2030 form

The details of the competition are as follows

1. Introduction.

Thane the city has a great history to boast. A city since sixth century has mentions about Thane in many scripture and manuscripts by travellers from various parts of the world. Thane was a capital of North Konkan during Shilahar dynasty and was a major centre of trade with over 7 fortified port from Vasai to Kaylan that were centres of import export by waterways. Thane used to export a special cotton fabric “Tansai” (Tansa reservoir is named after the same”. It also used to export grans, pulses, honey and teak wood. The horses were imported to thane at Godbunder fort.

Since past 800 years Thane is a mix of multiple communities settled in the city with the religious places of all faiths located in the inner city that are all heritage sites e.g. Kopineshwar temple. Agyari, synagogue, St John Church, Mosque, Jain temple etc.

 In recent times Thane is one of the most preferred city to live and work with a culturally vibrant and naturally rich ecosystem. The city is fast growing with major infrastructural changes and population touching 25 lacs.

Recent years many cities in the world are floating with ideas about the future of the cities and how they will shape up in recent times.  Keeping this in mind this competition appeals participants to write an posters on the future Thane Vision 2030.

2. Brief.

The poster can be a digital design or hand done poster that would be a graphical representation of an Idea of a city of Thane in 2030. The size of the poster shall be A3.

After completing the poster participants shall convert it into a PDF file format and if it is hand drawn creation the participant shall take a high resolution photo in JPG format of the poster for submitting the soft copy with the online registration form

3. Who can participate

The Competition shall be held in two categories

Category 1: College students following any UG or PG Course

Category 2: Open for all


4. Criteria for Judging.

Weightage will be given to the following:

– Clarity of thoughts

– Creative thinking

– Imaginative thoughts

– Narrative

– Futuristic thinking

5. Timeline.

Invitation announcement:                                      September 15th 2023               

Registration and Submission of posters:                October 6th to November 30th 2023                   

Judging:                                                                     December 2nd and 3rd 2023                                       

Announcement of winners:                                   December 10th in the awards ceremony

6. Submissions

Submit to:

7. Venue for Event & Exhibition:

Hinduhriday Samrat Balasaheb Thackrey Art Centre, Near Teen That Naka, Thane

Exhibition Dates:

8. Queries

Email to:

Replies by email to registered participants on ________

9. Jury

Jurors will be announced soon.

10. Award

First Prize: Rs. 8,000/-, Trophy and certificate

Second Prize: Rs. 5,000/-, Trophy and certificate

Third Prize: Rs. 3,000/-, Trophy and certificate

Honourable Mentions (2Nos.): Trophy and certificate

Category 1:

First Prize: Rs. 8,000/-, Trophy and certificate

Second Prize: Rs. 5,000/-, Trophy and certificate

Third Prize: Rs. 3,000/-, Trophy and certificate

Honourable Mentions (2Nos.): Trophy and certificate

11. Submission Requirements

The participants shall fill the registration form and upload the posters either in PDF or JPG file to complete the online registration form.


12. Disqualification

a) Failure to comply with rules, requirements and procedures may lead to disqualification.

b) Late submission may lead to disqualification.

c) The Jury shall have the sole discretion to accept or disqualify any entry for whatever reasons.

d) Anyone attached to the organisers is not allowed to participate, and will be automatically disqualified.

13. Jury’s Decisions

The Jury is the sole arbiter of the competition and its decisions are final and binding.

14. Exhibition & Publication

The organisers reserves the right to retain the works for the purposes of exhibition, publicity and promotion, subject always to the prevailing Copyright Act.

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